Left-wing hate mob invades Indiana church ► during service

DAILYKENN.com– Since 9-11/2001 Islam has committed nearly 32,000 documented terrorist attacks.That makes it the world’s largest, oldest, and deadliest hate group.

Knights Templar crusader mugsYet, when sane people attempt to expose this hate group, those people — oddly — are accused of being the hate group.

So why do leftists resort to such inane disruptions? The answer is simple: By disrupting the presentation at Solid Rock Church, they are sending a message to other churches: ‘If you host this group, you risk being attacked.”

It’s intimidation and bullying. Sadly, it works.

From theindychannel.com ▼

KOKOMO, Ind. — A clash between demonstrators and a speaker with a so-called hate group was caught on video during a church service in Kokomo.

Natalie Guest, who started the Kokomo Inclusion Alliance, says she and a few other demonstrators came to Solid Rock Church on Wednesday for what they thought was a lecture called “Truth on Islam.”

“We had planned to just peacefully and silently demonstrate,” said Guest.

It turns out the speaker was Usama Dakdok with The Straight Way of Grace Ministry in Florida.

The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the ministry as a hate group.

The pastor of Solid Rock Ministries says they invited Dakdok to share facts and says he talked to Dakdok beforehand about the tone of what he calls “passionate messages.”

“What I regret more than anything else is that we as people should have embraced people with prayer at that time,” said Pastor Tony Manis.

Instead, heated words were exchanged and people shoved during a melee that involved Taylor Township Board Member Bob Marley.

Marley says he was trying to stop the group from disrupting the service.

“If they wanted to protest, the rightful thing would have been to do it outside and be respectful,” said Marley.

Guest says they tried to do that but after an hour of listening to what they say was hate speech, they had to stand up.

“The message from Kokomo is very clear. Do not bring hate to our city,” said Guest.

Both sides say no charges will be filed.

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